Hi trupti 32 yrs my face looks tired ,dull and I often get acne.my hair is dry and fall easily.can u suggest some vitamins?

Dear trupti, we need blood tests done to check your vitamins. Would advise vitc and e to counter effects of sun damage and pollutuin and vitc helps in iron absorption. Low iron can result in hair loss and dark circles and vit k helps reduce dark circles and bruises.b complex vitamins help in hair fall,ulcers and dry skin.vit a under medical guidance can control acne,improve fine lines and wrinkles and complexion.hope this helps.

Doc my body tans very easily and my freckles look worse during summer also brown patches appear on my cheeks help?

Dear x,we generally notice in Indian skins that we tan easily as compared to foreign skins where sun burns are common the culprit in both cases is the sun. Tan can last for up to 6 weeks. Also freckles and pigmentation increase during summer due to increased sun exposure besides other causes. You need to use a good sun block with both uva and uvb filters like sebamed body spray and for face depending on your skin type. Would recommend hat protective clothing and vitamins. Tan can be easily removed by lightening creams with kojic or lactic acid or medical facials can remove tan in single session.

Hi shalini,for my holiday I am travelling to a beach and then to a mountain trek. Pls recommended a holiday kit?

Dear shalini,on the beach or mountains the sun is sharp need a sunscreen and hat.for humid beachy places 1% salicylic containing cleanser and urea or lactic acid moisturiser,increase water eat colored fruits and vitamins. For mountains use glycerin or soft paraffin moisturizer and a lip balm.